Alexandra's Notebook

Favourite Moments

One of my fav blogs to read at the moment is that of blogger, Lou Plummer. Not just because you always get a post worth reading, but that he also shares any number of insights into his life, and where he lives. These more personal posts always resonate, as did his recent post Twenty Sublime Moments. Which got me thinking about some of the happier moments in my own life.

  1. Seeing the first spring flowers after the snow melts
  2. Hearing the sound of children’s laughter
  3. The smell of my mother’s favourite cologne
  4. Listening to bird song in the park
  5. Reading at my favourite spot, in the park
  6. Eating my sister in law’s pulled pork poutine
  7. Taking the ferry across the St. Lawrence river
  8. The sound of bees buzzing in summer
  9. Climbing into a bed with fresh clean sheets
  10. Watching the first snowfall from inside in the warmth
And you, what are some of your favourite moments?