Alexandra's Notebook


My partner and I have been trying for over a month now (nearly 6 weeks in fact) to try and get an appointment with my family doctor. It’s been near on impossible. First we were told he was on holiday (for 3 weeks) and had to try again after the 6th of May. So we waited and started the whole process again, and have been trying every morning, taking turns to get up at 5:30 am in order to call the automated service that schedules not only the doctor’s appointments, but the walk in clinic.

And nothing. By the time either one of us gets through the slots are filled.

So this morning, keeping their phone ringing the clinic to get an answer, my OH patiently waited (while working from home today) to speak to one of the receptionist. Finally, as I was making lunch, the OH got through.

After being rudely brushed off and admonished by said recptionist for calling them (even if it took 4 hours), the OH was told in no uncertain terms that I couldn’t have an appointment with my family doctor in July, as I no longer have a family doctor. And when my partner asked why, obviously confused. Were told, my doctor is retiring at the end of June. That’s it … he’s GONE.

Outraged, my partner who works in the Health Regie here, knows that a doctor and their practise must inform clients at least a couple of months in advance of a retirement so that said clients can find another family doctor. Although there are none at this moment in time, and the waiting list to get one is FOUR (4) years long.

Having shared a heated conversation with the receptionist, my partner came through to give me the bad news. No wonder we’ve been unable to get an appointment.

I have no idea what I’m going to do. Or how I am to renew my monthly prescriptions. Especially as the receptionist made it perfectly clear to my partner that as I am no longer a patient with a doctor at this clinic, I can no longer utilise the walk-in clinic service either.

So all this doctors patients have now been set adrift, with nowhere to get medical advice and treatment. We will all have to add our names to the waiting list, along with over half the population of the province.

To say I’m mad is an understatement, I’m incandescent. I have never been this angry before.