Alexandra's Notebook

This page originally started life as my entry in Robert Birming's #Junited2024 challenge, and then? I fell off the bandwagon. So I decided to move the page here, and just call it a Postroll. Basically a rolling list of posts, blogs, and links that I've enjoyed.

  1. A Polaroid Summer Project — Veronique
  2. An Unddercover Liberal — Lou Plummer
  3. Grief & Loss — Jedda
  4. Naked & Exposed — David Johnson
  5. Accepting Imperfections — Cole Blankenship
  6. The Lunacy of Artemis — Idel Words
  7. You are What you Spend Your Time On — Tala
  8. Writing About the Painful Stuff — Ratika Deshpande
  9. The Importance of Choosing Kindness — Jedda
  10. How We Converse Online — Manuel Moreale

Other Links: