Alexandra's Notebook

Striking a Chord

Music has and will always been a huge part of my life. It’s been with me from such an early age, helping me escape (like books) into another world, where I could be myself. Away from others and, at times, with others. From huge venues with tens of thousands to small hall concerts in intimate settings that made the music all the more powerful and moving.

I’ve enjoyed it all. From nobodies starting out, to big name groups like Pink Floyd and Abba, to Emerson, Lake and Palmer, to the Rolling Stones before they were mega rock stars. Through the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, I’ve transitioned, changed and grown, along with my choice of music. But have never lost the love for all music be it classical, opera, or middle of the road pop to heavy death metal. I’ve listened to it all and found something that has touched me at every level, whatever the source. Be it the actual melodies, or lack thereof, to lyrics that struck a chord with my then sensibilities.

Music is always there. Be it playing a vinyl record on an old box player I have, to shoving a CD into an antiquated boombox, to these days, digitally on my iPhone. I don’t even shower without singing and yes, still whistle when I think on one is listening.

I can’t imagine a day without music playing. It is so ingrained in our every day lives. I think the colour would drain from my life if music were to stop playing tomorrow. And, like books, no only do I not want to live without music, I don’t think I can. Can you?

Footnote: A big thank you to Lou Plummer for the inspiration to write this one.