Alexandra's Notebook

Total Eclipse

It's officially the day of the Total Eclipse for us here, in Quebec, where most will see either 100% to 98% of the eclipse ... and?

The weather couldn't be more cooperative. We have perfect clear blue skies with no cloud cover forecast. I mean, how often does that happen? Probably never given how a lot of places along today's Path of Totality are facing mild to heavy cloud cover all the way up from Texas to Maine, but up here, in our quiet, quaint little corner of North America? Perfect weather.

What? I'm rubbing it in? Maybe, maybe not.

While we may have the perfect viewing weather (and yes, everyone south of the dotted line, there may be time—if you leave now—to get here in time) the rub is ... we might not actually be viewing said phenomena.

Huh, I hear you say?

Yep. We spent a few days hunting for glasses, having left it a tad too long to source a pair each and ... the OH is crazy that we not watch this afternoon as they are convinced I'm going to look directly into the sun. Or, more likely, they are. Either way, I was told over breakfast that I am not, repeat not to go out onto the balcony and attempt to watch, even through a pinhole device.

I was actually going to use a colander sieve and a piece of stiff card, keeping my back to the sun. But still, the OH is frantic that one of us will accidentally turn and ooops catch a glimpse of the sun.

Well, okay, it's true. We can't rule out a whoopsie, given we haven't got the proper eye protection. But ...but I hate being told I cannot do something. It just makes me want to do it more (blame my restrictive parents for that one.)

So, what's a girl to do? Right, I mean, this is called a once in a life time for a reason. Most people will not get the chance again and look, we're right in the path of totality.

Come on!