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Welcome | Bienvenue

Bonjour tout la monde ...

Welcome to my new space ... I've decided, inspired by others (I'm looking at you, Pete) walking the path less taken along their own life's journey, to hack my way through the over-grown jungle of my own past memories and see what lies forgotten beneath the tangle of vegetive thought.

This could be illumination ... well, for me maybe, not so much for you Dear Reader. Or, it could end up being a series of disjointed ramblings of a women not quite in possession of her full faculties. Who knows. What ever direction I go, I hope one or two of you will be brave enough to subscribe and follow along and more, comment to let me know you stopped by and read the resulting drivel and actually found it enjoyable.

After all, I shook the hand of (insert name of over-hyped celebrity) and lived to tell the tale.