Alexandra's Notebook

What do Ants Do?

It's been raining so much here (5 days and counting) that I found myself staring out the window yesterday afternoon watching really big, and I mean BIG drops hit the grass with force. I haven't seen rain like this since I was a kid in Singapore back in the day. The monsoons there were legendary.

What was funny was the thought that struck me and left me wondering for the rest of the day ...

Just what do ants do when it rains?

You know, the important thoughts, the thoughts that don't let go, and I found out way too many facts than I ever wanted to like, ants float. Yeah, did you know that? No, neither did I. But then, when you stop and think about it, it's the most obvious thing in the world. Of course they float. Surface tension and all.

So guess what, the child and amateur scientist in me had a fun few hours just surfing the internet learning and now? Now I want to be an ant so I can say, "hey look at me guys, I can walk on water."

Hmm ... maybe Jesus was an ant?

#science #nature