Spider, Spider

IT STARTED, as these things always do, with some bright spark saying, “Yeah, no problem, I can do that.” This particular bright spark was named Clark Kent, a wunderkind in biology. His specialty? Spiders. Big spiders. Kent thought he was accompanying his buddy, Dwight Eisenhower, to Bill Wiley’s presentation. Dwight, though, had other ideas, big… Continue reading

A Beautiful Mystery

Sanjay Gupta, a slight man of medium height, had Bollywood good-looks that could turn a girl’s head and coax a coy smile. He had soft, liquid brown eyes with uncommonly long eyelashes, sadly, Kalinda Dharma noted, he was also stone, cold, dead. She looked down at the man as he lay in repose in the… Continue reading

Food for Thought

As a child, I wasn’t interested in food. It wasn’t that I was a picky eater, which is what my mother thought at first. I just wasn’t interested in eating and the time it took to eat. We were living in Hong Kong—a warm sunny tropical paradise—and I just wanted to get out and play as… Continue reading


Is it true that an immovable object cancels out an unstoppable force? Not one of life’s most pressing questions, but, nonetheless, an interesting philosophical one. Not least of which is because, in science, neither exists. Well, none that we’ve found so far. That said, however, mathematically, we’re taught that they will cancel one another out. In… Continue reading

Library Time

y father was a voracious reader. It might have been for any number of reason; his way of escaping from daily life, or the fact we didn’t (back in the day) have a TV to suck up our attention. Or, because he simply loved reading. Whatever the reason, he always took all of us along… Continue reading