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First Impressions Friday: THE DEFENCE

It’s that time of week again, which means, it’s First Impressions Friday. For those of you who are unfamiliar, #FIF is a weekly meme created by Joe, over at: Storeys of Stories. The goal is to talk about a book you recently started reading and share your first impression, predict what you think will happen, and then say whether you think you’ll enjoy it or not.

I haven’t done this #tag for a while now as, for some reason, I’ve picked up and put down several books over the last month. And, uninspired, haven’t read anything for weeks. But last night, out of my last haul of books, I picked up THE DEFENCE by Steve Cavanagh.

Eddie Flynn used to be a con artist. Then he became a lawyer. Turned out the two weren’t that different.

It’s been over a year since Eddie vowed never to set foot in a courtroom again. But now he doesn’t have a choice. Olek Volchek, the infamous head of the Russian mafia in New York, has strapped a bomb to Eddie’s back and kidnapped his ten-year-old daughter Amy.

Eddie only has 48 hours to defend Volchek in an impossible murder trial—and win—if wants to save his daughter.

Under the scrutiny of the media and the FBI, Eddie must use his razor-sharp wit and every con-artist trick in the book to defend his ‘client’ and ensure Amy’s safety. With the timer on his back ticking away, can Eddie convince the jury of the impossible?

Lose this case and he loses everything.

So, as I said, I only just picked this one up and started reading it. Which means, I’m not really far enough to say definitively if this is going to be a hit or a miss, but I’m predicting a ‘Hit’ based on the opening line alone:

Do exactly as I tell you or I’ll put a bullet in your spine.

Fast-paced, full of action, and one hell of a roller coaster ride, so far. I feel like I’ve found the right book to pull me back into reading.

I think this one is going to be a solid: 8 /10

Can’t Wait Wednesday #Tag

Can’t-Wait Wednesday is a meme hosted by Tressa at Wishful Endings to spotlight and discuss the books we are excited about that we have yet to read. And, having confessed yesterday about the number of books I still have yet to read, I shouldn’t then be posting today to say I’m so excited about two books coming out early next year, but I am. The two I can’t wait for are:

  • THE LOST MAN by Jane Harper — This is Harper’s third book, but, as I understand it, a standalone to the first two, which featured Aaron Falk. Still a murder  mystery, this one is, again, set in the outback where the land plays a big part in the story.
  • THE KINGDOM OF COPPER by S. A. Chakraborty — this is the second book in Chakraborty’s magical series set amid the myths and legends of the Middle East, featuring Djinn and magic. I’m super excited about reading this sequel and finding out what’s happened to Nahri and Dara.

It seems like everyone and their mother has already read and reviewed The Lost Man—I’m avoiding reading any reviews like the plague. Not wanting to spoil my own read by knowing what others think. Same goes for The Kingdom of Copper. I want to come at both these books untainted, as it were.

And you, what are you super excited about reading?

Top 5 Books I Didn’t Get To In 2018

As many doing the Top 5 Tuesday, hosted by Shanah, have already pointed out there have been so many books I didn’t get around to reading this year that have sat on my TBR pile for far too long. And, to be honest, I don’t know why.

I’ve had a really bad year for reading. Maybe it’s been one too many duds that have made me hesitant to start any given book. And the dog alone knows, I was supposed to read 5 books in November for SciFiMonth, and never got to any of them. The one thing they all have in common, and maybe that’s the problem, is that they are all books in a series.

GLASS HOUSES — by Louise Penny

Easily my favourite author of the last decade, this signed hardback has sat on my coffee table since it was published. It’s now high on my list to read over the holidays.

EMBERS OF WAR — by Gareth L. Powell

I love Powell’s SF, and was supposed to read this one for SciFiMonth but but didn’t, it’s as simple as that. The more people that raved about it, the more I was reluctant to read it, fearing disappointment. But like Glass Houses, it’s shortlisted for reading over the holidays.


I read the first one in this series and, well, it was meh. Not great, but just, okay. I bought the pair at the same time. And because the first one was just okay, I am again reluctant to start this one. I don’t want a ‘meh’ read, I want a ‘wow’ read. So this one might stay on the shelf for a long time to come.

FEAR THE DARKNESS — Becky Masterman

This is the middle book in a trilogy, unfortunately, I read book 3 first, book 1 second and then, stalled out. What I need to do is read book 1 again before starting this one and, well, I’m just not in the mood to do that. Maybe next year, or maybe if I tell myself it’s a standalone


Here again is another book with a brightly coloured cover that caught my attention, and because it’s crime fiction with a difference, I thought it would be fun. It’s set in India, and features an ex-cop who is now a PI who has a baby elephant. I mean, come on, aren’t you intrigued too? One for the holidays, for sure.

So there you go, 5 books I thought I would read straight away, but didn’t. And now, I’m still ambivalent about reading. Maybe all I need to do is crack a spine, and set too. And you?

What Kind of Book Blogger …

… am I?

I’m remiss on my book blogging duties these days, now that I’m earnestly trying to do my online writing project, setting up a website, and procrastinating over every little detail. So that I haven’t actually been thinking about book-related posts. And haven’t even picked up a book to read, let alone review, in the last couple of weeks.

I just keep getting distracted by … oh, look, shiny! Okay, you get the picture.

All this to say, what with the holidays coming up, and my new project absorbing all my energy and excitement, there will be a little less posting of book-related posts here, for a while. And probably a lot more, pop on by Terran Incognito based posts. But, in my defence, they will be to alert you that there’s something posted of interest, so you should stop by and have a read.

Don’t worry, I will still be blogging, only not every day, as usual. And I will still continue to visit your blogs and comment, throughout the week. And, as they say, stand by, there’s more to come!

Now, if you will excuse me, I have vacancies aboard a space ship to fill.

The 5 W’s Book #Tag

As I am at sorts today, and didn’t have a post ready, I thought I would steal this Tag from Shanah the amazing Bionic Book Worm, and why not!

WHO — Name an author you would love to have a ‘One to One’ with.

It would have to be Louise Penny. I was lucky enough to see her at a book signing last year, here locally. And got my obligatory 3 seconds with her as she wrote me a personal message in the book I was buying: GLASS HOUSES. But I would love to sit down with her and do a full-on interview at length, over coffee and cakes at the Bistro.

WHAT — What genre do you most gravitate to?

It use to be always science fiction but then, over the last couple of years, I turned to a life of crime crime fiction reading, that is. I love me a good mystery, police procedural, or a good spy thriller these days. The Cold War is definitely not over, yet!

WHERE — Where do you prefer to read?

Anywhere. But as a preference, I guess I would have to go with the couch in the lounge, for comfort’s sake. You know, with the blankie and a cup of Earl Grey, hot.

WHEN — What time of day do you prefer to read?

As above, my answer would have to be, anytime. Anytime I can squeeze in a few minutes, especially when reading a really good book. I don’t want to be away from it for any length of time. And yes, I read on the porcelain throne (don’t you?)

WHY — Why is your favourite book your favourite book?

Eh, maybe as a child or teenager, I had one book I would call my fav—at the time. But now, I would say any book with well-conceived characters, well-written snappy dialogue, and a clever plot. I want to be amazed, wowed and wooed! I know, I don’t ask a lot do I?

BONUS — How do you go about selecting what you will read next?

Gee, really? By tarot cards, at midnight, under a Gibbous moon, having sacrificed my lunch on an altar made of polished pebbles from a beach off the coast of Goa, while dress as a Goth, with black-eye make-up, smelling of hibiscus flower water collected at dawn’s first light, from an island in the Caribbean in a conch seashell handed down from mother to daughter what, no, seriously wait where are you going, there’s more.

Dang, I wasn’t finished … consider yourself tagged.