Deep Thought of the Day:

How is it when doing the laundry you put a single drier sheet in the drier, yet, when unloading the machine, find three.

Do those suckers breed in there?

The BIG Red Button

Now look what you’ve gone and made me do … the dusting. And I had to rearrange the furniture and push the vacuuming cylinder across the linoleum chasing those dastardly dust bunnies. It really doesn’t pay to live in the desert. And all that noise. Oh my! Anyone would think this was a testing ground… Continue reading

Québec City: Mosque Shooting

Yesterday our beautiful city was visited by hate and evil, when gunmen shot and killed 6 people and critically injured several others, who were at evening prayers in a mosque, here in Québec City. A brutal act of terrorism plain and simple, by murderers. I stand with the Muslim community and hope you will all join… Continue reading

Book Lists

To Track, or not to Track, that is the question … Do you keep track of what you read, and if so, how? Are you, like me, a Card-ex kind of record keeper, or do you prefer an online service like Goodreads—and if so, why? I started using Goodreads with every good intention but then… Continue reading