Alexandra Wolfe writes genre fiction and loves to dabbles in fantasy, SF, thrillers, and the paranormal. 

Latest Projects

Come The Inquisitor

The rise and success of the Judges came from the discovery, a hundred years before, of the Black Crystal of Illian. When the mining Guild representative was first shown a piece of the perfectly formed crystal he had no idea, no way of knowing the impact this unusual crystal would have then, and in the future.


Jennifer Jones cannot remember. Cannot remember anything about her past. Not who she is, or why she is being chased by the FBI. And only after a chance meeting with Rachel Cellini, does she begin to suspect the truth. That not only has she killed someone, but that she is an illegal AP.

Jude: Highway of Tears

Six foot two, Jude Devine—Little Bear to her friends—is an Aboriginal RCMP Corporal with no use for the mystical. When her neat and ordered life is turned upside down after saving the life of a delusional stranger, she begins to wonder about her own sanity, never mind her beliefs.

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