I’ve written any number of novels over the years, mostly for my own benefit and, as one would think, a means of learning my craft. Most of those early drafts never saw the light of day. But what writing has done is help me hone my storytelling skills and been an outlet for my over-active imagination.


S c i e n c e  F i c t i o n

The rise and success of the Judges came from the discovery, a hundred years before, of the Black Crystal of Illian. When the mining Guild representative was first shown a piece of the perfectly formed crystal he had no idea, no way of knowing the impact this unusual crystal would have then, and in the future.

The Crystals sang.


S c i e n c e  F i c t i o n

Fiery Elemental, Arianrhod, is chaffing at the inaction of the Council of Elementals, and finds herself all but banished to the far reaches of Bright Worlds space. The ship she Captains, the Kigva, is on patrol with a tiny flotilla of Space Fleet’s leftovers when a desolate moon explodes in the Dead Zone. Arianrhod goes to investigate, but can the broken woman she finds on the shattered moon, offer up any clues. In a deadly race against time, Arianrhod tries to unravel the enigma that is Morgaine in the hope of finding answers to where her mother went, and who’s invading the Quadrant.


S u p e r n a t u r a l

Six foot two, Jude Devine—Little Bear to her friends—is an Aboriginal RCMP Corporal with no use for the mystical. When her neat and ordered life is turned upside down after saving the life of a delusional stranger, she begins to wonder about her own sanity, never mind her beliefs.


T h r i l l e r

The story is set amid the fighting between the warring factions of the Hutu and Tutsi rebels in Rwanda and in Zaire, between the rebel forces of Laurent Kabila and the entrenched government headed by Mobutu.


T h r i l l e r

Everyone is looking for something. Answers. The truth. A meaning to life. With Deborah Levy it became anonymity. She searched out the furthest corners of the globe, and went into hiding. She wasn’t hiding from just herself and the burden of guilt she still carried over the death of Ruth—who committed suicide they day they destroyed two years of painstaking work and research. She was hiding because of the knowledge she carried in her head.


C o n t e m p o r a r y

Part mystery, part police procedural, this character-driven story focuses on a single week in the life of New York City police detective, Kate Martinelli, who was a first-responder at the World Trade centre disaster during the 9-11 attacks. What it is that shapes her, drives her, and what makes her, above all else—as a human being and police officer—tick.


S c i e n c e  F i c t i o n

When Hari—a dealer in lies—is brought face to face with death Herself, he realizes that not all the Instigators from the Punitive Wars were put to death. And worse, not all is well with his mission. One of Kali’s daughter is alive and well and living on the dwarf planet Chandra.